Pirates' Hollow Community Waterpark IDs, Passes and Punch Cards - Port Washington Parks & Recreation

Resident ID Cards

Strict conformance of the Resident/Non-resident policy will be enforced at the Waterpark. Residents expect nothing less than non-residents paying their fair share. Therefore, the following procedure will again be in place this season:

All City of Port Washington residents who do not posess a drivers license must confirm their residence before entering the Waterpark so as to avoid paying non-resident fees. Therefore, a Resident Identification Card must be obtained from the Recreation Department office. This card must be brought to the Waterpark each time and shown to the cashier who will then charge the resident fee. Non-Resident fees will be charged to anyone not offering a picture ID such as the Resident Card or a Drivers License. Parents are required to bring their children to the office and show their residency prior to securing the ID for their children. There is no charge for the 1st photo, but a $5 fee will be collected for all replacement ID's.

Non-Resident Youth Punch Card

To accommodate resident Grandparents that have non-resident grandchildren visiting or residents that have exchange students staying with them for the summer, a discounted punch card may be purchased for $50. The card is good for 10 visits to the Waterpark.

Nanny Pass

To accommodate families that have babysitters accompanying their children to the pool, a discounted pass may be purchased for $35. The following conditions apply to the pass:

  • Must be purchased at same time Family Pass is purchased
  • Pass can only be used when with a family member
  • Pass holder must be age 13 or older